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Exercise, when and what time to do it. Martial Arts Training will help with these questions.

Exercise,  When to start and when to do it. We all need to exercise and all should do.  I do it every day.  I also believe in function fitness and doing things that you enjoy.  Martial arts classes fit this description.  Are Martial arts classes all you need, maybe.  They [...]

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Cardio and Weight Loss

You might be wondering what the following article by Greg Bobby has to do with martial arts?  Well, you have to have good cardio to do martial arts, in fact the first part of all or our adult classes include a good cardio workout.  Being healthy is self defense [...]

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Stress Relief and Martial Arts Part 2

Stress Relief and Martial Arts It is common knowledge that exercise helps reduce stress in adults.  There are many studies confirming this practice and many adults, myself included, exercise for stress relief along with health and well being.  So it goes to say that if exercise reduces stress then why [...]

Stress Relief and Martial Arts

As I have said many times, Martial Arts Training may be the best and most perfect form of exercise out there.  On the physical side not only do you get cardio, flexibility and strength improvement but you also get coordination, agility, balance, asymmetrical learning, body awareness and so much [...]

April 2015

Breathe Right, for exercise and self defense

Breathe Right Breathing during exercise is crucial to improving and growing.  Breathing during a physical encounter is also essential.  If your not breathing your dying is what was told to me by my sensei.  Most people hold their breath when fighting or even when exerting themselves.  This is bad very [...]

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