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September 2018

The Best Ways to Teach Your Child about Stranger Danger, Hint, Don’t use Stranger Danger

The Best Ways to Teach Your Child about Stranger Danger, Hint, Don’t Use Stranger Danger Stranger Danger is not a good title or term to use when teaching your children about abduction prevention, sexual assault and child molesters.  Why?  Because it is often someone the child is familiar with such [...]

January 2018

Most things that will KILL you can be prevented. Yup that’s right, prevented

Most of the Things that will kill you before your time, CAN BE PREVENTED or ELiMINATED Most don’t realize that prevention in all things is essential.  That means living a mindful and prepared life.  At some point in our lives we all get concerned about dying or getting killed by [...]

November 2017

How we walk can influence an attack, self defense and body language

Self Defense is more than kick, punch. I have stated this fact for years.  I have posted numerous sources on body language and conflict avoidance here in the self defense blog, so the readers and students should know where I stand on this subject.  Body language and how you present [...]

October 2017

Sexual Assault Statistics in Canada

Canada is suppose to be a safe place, right?  Well this proves that no one is ammune from sexual assault.  If it is like this in Canada, imagine what it is like here in Colorado and on Campus.  We are worse than these statistics by far.  Remember that ACT [...]

September 2017

5 Body Language Tricks to Show You’re a Hard Target, this is self defense at the basic level

Fantastic advice here.  I especially like how he describes the stride as a initial target weakness.  I see this all the time with people especially women and teenage girls who are not very confident.  They want to shrink into oblivion, so to speak, and their stride is apparent as [...]

August 2017

Bully-Proof Your Child with These 3 Skills

Bullying is a trigger phrase for many parents and kids these days.  Now while I agree that bullying should never happen, it does and it always will.  Why because of parents or the lack of parenting.  This article gives some good advice but the best advice is found at [...]

20 Diversion Tactics That the Bad Guys Use to Silence You

Yeh this is a long article, but well worth the read.  There is tons, I mean tons of great stuff to help you understand how Narcisists, phycopaths and sociopaths misdirect and confuse you so you don’t catch on to their game.  Besides the realy bad things that this will [...]

Staying Safe in an Unstable and Unfamiliar Environment is Self Defense

Fantastic advice is given in this short article.  These are basic things that most people don’t use or either think is important.  They are very simple to instil into our awareness skills and preparedness skills. Staying safe in an unstable and unfamiliar enviroment By David Simpson Link to original article   Total Ryu Self [...]

July 2017

How to Identify Nonverbal Indicators of Violence

  Another good article on body language clues for violence.  He brings up a couple of other items that are not in the other articles, such as hands on head, removal of clothing and lowered stance.  I can not stress this enough that we need to be aware of these [...]