Multiple Attacker Defense

How do you eat an elephant? What does that statement have to do with multiple attacker defense?

A Very Scary Situation

Multiple attackers are a very real, very scary situation to deal with.  In fact, most self-defense situations on the street will involve more than one attacker,  so I ask the question again… How do you eat an elephant?  The answer, everybody knows, is one bite at a time. It is the same when dealing with multiple attackers- one at a time.  We go over specific highly effective strikes that are easy to do while on the move. We teach the principle of “stacking up” and simple movement then before long you are not only “eating the elephant” but have finished it.  The interesting thing about multiples is that once we give the permission for the student to move, they do it naturally and only need a little help with the technique of “stacking up,” or one at a time.

Self Defense in fort collins
Multiple Attacker Defense
Multiple Attacker Defense

Good Life Lessons

Even though having multiple attackers is a serious situation, there are very good life lessons involved in this class.  The application of stacking up helps us learn how to multi-task better. When we get overwhelmed with so much to keep track of, we just think about the elephant analogy or the stacking up, and take on the tasks one at a time until we are through.  This process will bring much peace and confidence into our lives.  The road to assertiveness and confidence should not be taken without this principle.

What Can You Expect to Learn?

Powerful high percentage striking techniques that limit your risk of injury when striking.

This class is a very dynamic and fun class.  You will have a blast while learning valuable self-defense skills that translate directly to your everyday life.  Continue your path to assertiveness and powerful living with the ACT Multiple Attacker Self Defense Class.

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