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The ACT Method

Our Goal

The goal with all ACT courses is to make the student extremely effective with the skills that are taught while empowering them to make strong, confident choices for a better life.  We want you to enjoy being in class and to be successful with the skills presented.  Our instructor team is extremely experienced and will encourage and support you during and after training.  Most people have had to use some of the skills taught to them in one way or another in life, and the assertive skills taught in class are used every day by the team.

Our Method

The method is not new- it has been around for a very long time. We practice the physical techniques in a slow, over-exaggerated movement, then work up the speed in the skills while keeping the same over-exaggerated movement.  After that, we use an adrenal response in the student to help the body and the mind remember the skills and be able to apply them when needed.  This method combined with repetition has been around for centuries and been used by traditional martial arts systems and ancient and modern military units to help accelerate the learning curve and help with retention and application of skills.

Principle of Retention

To help you understand this principle of retention, do you have a specific memory of something from a long time ago or even just a couple of years ago? Why do you remember this event in particular? Was it exciting, scary, thrilling or fun?  More than likely the event that caused the memory elicited an adrenal response of some sort in the body. That response and its intensity are what helps cement the memory -or in some extreme cases- suppress the memory as in violent assaults. We will use this principle to help you retain and remember all the skills and lessons taught during the classes.  That way if you ever need the skills again, they will be there for your use.



Adrenaline is also known as Epinephrine.  It is the primary hormone released when the body is put under stress.  This stress can be in many forms or levels.  However, for our purposes, we focus on the stress that we will be under when threatened.  Whether the threat is a high-level physical threat or a moderate-level verbal assault, adrenaline will be released into our system to prep our bodies for conflict and survival.  This happens immediately (as far as we are concerned), and because it happens immediately we start feeling the effects the moment we feel threatened.

Adrenal Stress

So why do we stress that so much?  Because when we are attacked we will be under adrenal stress.  Therefore we must have proper training that teaches us how to react verbally and physically in the same state that we will be in if we get attacked.  In class, we can elicit an adrenal response from the students and have them utilize the skills we have taught previously to the adrenaline drill.  Doing this in a safe, encouraging environment is key to the student’s success.  In this way, they have the opportunity to fight and defend themselves under a very real adrenal stress situation.  The student doesn’t have to worry if the training will work for real because they have just done it for real in class.

High Brain to Low Brain

One of the effects of the adrenal rush is that our high- or conscious- brain essentially shuts down and turns most operations over to the lower brain.  That is why we have a hard time thinking and solving simple issues and problems under adrenal stress.  The higher the stress level, the less conscious thought we have.  However, one of two things happens in this state: We either have very little or no recollection of the event, or we retain a complete and detailed recollection of the event.  This varies by individual and intensity of the event.  What’s important is that while under this state it is hard to think, which is good, because we usually don’t have time to think – we need to react.

Adrenaline Inoculation 

There is evidence that with enough training and exposure to adrenaline, an individual can be extremely high functioning while under adrenal stress.  Good examples of this are is fighter pilots, extreme athletes, and special warfare units.  They have learned to be high functioning while still under the influence of adrenaline.  However, it may be that they are just used to the event or exposure and their bodies have learned to adjust how much adrenaline it puts out.  Repetitive training under adrenal stress helps make individuals more effective at specific tasks- even tasks such as very fine motor skill application.


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Is Martial Arts for You?2019-06-24T14:28:52+00:00

I think so, everyone can benefit from either jiujitsu or karate training or even both.  The problem for most adults is when they think of martial arts training they think of MMA type training or what is showing on TV, they may also think of kids classes and what they have experienced as a child or see their kids do.  They associate these pictures with martial arts training for themselves as adults.  At Total Ryu we are not like that at all, our adult classes are different from our kids’ classes, and we are not a sport or an MMA school.

You should also understand that Real fighting is not just done on the ground.

Many people will want you to believe that the ground is where you want to go.  NO NO NO, never if you can help it.  The real world is full of concrete, asphalt, rocks, obstacles, etc.  Not to mention that the most dangerous fights have more than one attacker.  If you go to the ground, the other guy or guys are going to be doing things to you that you don’t want them to.  However, you do need to know what to do on the ground, but in a method that gets you on your feet while taking out the bad guy as quickly as possible.  That method of thought is precisely our philosophy on ground fighting at Total Ryu.

What is Training at Total Ryu Martial Arts LIKE?2019-06-24T14:32:32+00:00

Training at Total Ryu is incredible.  We teach and train in a relaxed fun and informative environment.  You will learn at your own pace, and the black belt team and I will do everything that we can to help you learn the techniques and principles and advance to higher levels of understanding and capability.  During class, you will get a workout, but it will feel much different than a traditional workout because you will be learning and practicing useful information and participating in functional fitness.

The people that come to Total Ryu are top notch, fantastic people whom I consider to be part of my extended family and close personal friends.  We all care about each other and each others success, not only in the dojo but in life.  We have helped each other out in many ways outside of the dojo.   We have also helped people find success in areas of their life that they wanted to improve.  We care about each other, come in and try a class and see what we are all about.  Why not, it’s free to try.  I know you will like it.

Safe Environment

Will you get injured, probably not, while I can’t guarantee it, we do our best to keep everyone safe.   We teach everyone how to do the techniques and applications safely.  Learning safety in practicing martial arts is part of everyone’s progression.  Our desire is for everyone that comes into the dojo to have a fun, positive learning experience and that means we will do our best to keep all of our students free from injury.

I Don’t Know Anything, Will I Feel Out of Place?2019-06-24T14:34:02+00:00

You have to remember that no one starts training in Total Ryu Martial arts or any jujitsu or karate system as an expert.  Everyone starts as a beginner, what sets us apart is that we want you to succeed, so you have lots of friends who want to help you achieve and learn.  It is quite amazing.  As a beginner, we start you off easy.  You will learn the basics and gradually as you improve, learn more advanced techniques.  All the time being tutored by black belts and more advanced students.  We want you to succeed so we will do what is needed to help you achieve that goal.

So, How Do I Get Started?2020-04-13T20:57:38+00:00

Total Ryu is the best system around, and we want you to be a part of our family.  The best way to see if you will like something is to try it.  So why don’t you come in and try a class for free?   That way you get to meet me, the students and experience what the class is like.  We are confident that you will see that Total Ryu Martial Arts is for you.  Just fill out the information requested in one of the forms, either the Jujitsu form or the karate form.   You will then be directed to the free class registration form.   Please complete the form and hit submit.   Once you submit the form, the days and times available for your free class will appear.  Select the one that fits your schedule the best.

What can you expect after you have registered?

You can expect to receive some emails that give further information on your free class.  You can also expect a call from me at which time you can ask any questions you might have about Total Ryu Martial Arts and your free class.  So please click through and enter your information.  I promise that all your information will remain private and not be shared with any other entity at any time.

Class Schedules2020-03-09T20:21:46+00:00

Tiger and Samurai Youth Martial Arts Classes ages 5 to 12

Youth Classes Ages 5 to 12 Schedule

Our Tiger and Samurai age groups meet together at the same time during the following days and times:

  • Monday 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Monday 5:10pm to 6:10pm
  • Tuesday 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Tuesday 5:10pm to 6:10pm 
  • Wednesday 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Wednesday 5:10pm to 6:10pm

Adult and Teenage Martial Arts Classes, ages 13 and up

Adult and Teen Jujitsu and Adult Karate Schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:20pm to 7:30pm, Adult Jujitsu ages 13 and up
  • Wednesday 6:20 to 7:20pm, Adult Karate ages 13 and up
  • Thursday 4:45pm to 5:45pm, Teen Jujitsu ages 13 to 17 (call for info and registration)
  • Thursday 6:00pm to 7:10pm, Adult Jujitsu ages 13 and up