Adult Classes

The Best Jujitsu and Karate training available for adults in the Fort Collins Area.  Try us for free and see for yourself.  

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Kids Martial Arts


Martial Arts is the perfect balanced activity for your children. Just one friendly visit to our dojo and you’ll see why.

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Self Defense


Become fearless & safe in any life threatening situation. I promise you the ability to courageously face any situation with total confidence, authority & safety.

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Weapons Training


Traditional Weapons Instruction in all Programs,  Sword, Bo, Sticks and modern weapons disarming is included.

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Martial Arts Instruction for Fort Collins Colorado.

We offer martial arts classes for Adults in Traditional Jiu jitsu and Karate jutsu

We offer martial arts classes for children ages 5 to 12

We offer martial arts classes for teens

We offer traditional Weapons Training

We offer the best self defense training around.


Janise D

My husband and I have been in a variety of martial arts in the last 20 years in multiple states. When my daughter turned 6 we decided to enroll her in a martial arts class. We tried classes at a number of places around town but Total Ryu was the best choice for us. We could only commit to one night a week and the quantity and quality of learning at Total Ryu is exceptional. She has been in class for about a year and loves it. She loves it so much she wanted her 4 year old brother to join as well. I was worried he would be too young to focus for an hour but the instructors are amazing and provide one on one attention, direction and truly care about the kids. Depending on our schedule the kids have taken both the Karate and Jujitsu class. I like that it’s more traditional in nature compared to some MMA/competition focused schools in town. The kids have great practical instruction, time to discuss concerns during the mat chats and of course a game to wind up the class. I appreciate the cards sent home with a personal note and picture from each belt advancement. A small touch but it shows how much they care about each student. We love Total Ryu and have recommended them to a number of friends.

Shawn A.

I have been going to Total Ryu for over 3 years now. It is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. It is very apparent from the moment you come in that this is a positive nurturing environment. The emphasis is on learning, and on positive aspects of being a respectful, nurturing member of society. I have seen people of all athletic and learning abilities be successful at Total Ryu. It is definitely not a McDojo, and you will get out of it everything you put into it.

Ralph C.

Total Ryu is a super environment for all ages to learn key life skills and to have fun. This is not a “high volume sport competition” approach to martial arts. All instruction is founded on the core values of respect for others, respect for self as well as life skills of threat awareness/avoidance with practical, realistic self-defense principles. Charles and Jill offer a variety of classes including group and individual training made to fit busy schedules from childhood through all life stages and physical fitness levels. They offer great programs for those looking to start or get back in shape, improve flexibility, sustain balance/coordination and ramp up overall fitness and endurance. Karate and jujitsu adult programs are great classes to add diversity to your cross training fitness regimen. If you are looking for a positive experience for continual learning and physical fitness, Total Ryu is it.