Adult and Teen Classes

The Best Jujitsu and Karate training available for adults and teens in the Fort Collins Area.  Try us for free and see for yourself.  

Kids Martial Arts

Martial Arts is the perfect balanced activity for your children. Just one friendly visit to our dojo and you’ll see why.

Self Defense

Become fearless & safe in any life threatening situation. I promise you the ability to courageously face any situation with total confidence, authority & safety.

Weapons Training

Traditional Weapons Instruction in all Programs,  Sword, Bo, Sticks and modern weapons disarming is included.

Martial Arts Instruction for Adults in Fort Collins, Colorado

You can learn the most effective martial arts around.

Total Ryu Martial Arts is authentic, traditional and very effective. Whether you take traditional karate or Jujitsu the effect is the same, you become a force to be reckoned with. Everyone starts at the beginning and through effort, training and time become a formidable martial artist and capable of defending themselves on all levels.

The Best Youth Martial Arts Around

We value family time.

You as the parent have many different and important things that you have to do. That is why our youth martial arts programs are based on family time. Your child only needs to come once a week for an hour. Our mixed age classes allow you to bring your different age children to the same class. That means only one trip per week for martial arts. How great is that?
Each class has fun drills that teach martial arts principles, self-defense, coordination and agility development.  A mat chat is included that teaches anti-bully skills, health and nutrition, character, manners, safety, and other life skills.  Give your child more than kick, punch, give them a complete system of physical, mental and self-defense development.

What People in Town are Saying about Total Ryu Martial Arts