Weapons Defense

Guns and Knives, OH MY!!!!!

A Very Scary Situation

Being confronted with a weapon may very well be most people’s idea of a
true nightmare.  This is truly a life-and-death situation.   Most do not even know how or can’t even imagine how to defend themselves against a weapon.  It is true that weapons are the great equalizer- or more correctly, the great one or two steps above the other person -izer.  Dealing with guns and knives in a life and death situation is very, very scary.

Weapons Defense
Weapons Defense

we don’t want this engagement to go on very long

Act is the Answer

ACT takes the mystery out of it.  In the Gun Defense class, we teach only one gun disarming technique that can be used in any gun defense situation.  This application limits the possibility of accidental discharge of the weapon that happens when the attackers’ hands are hit or struck while attempting to disarm.  During the basic knife defense class, we teach a simple trap combined with striking that is taught during the basics class.  The advanced knife class takes the basics skills and builds on them to include defense against the more probable “sewing machine” knife attack.  ACT keeps it simple and effective.We want the student to understand that injuring the attacker quickly and disarming is extremely important,we don’t want this engagement to go on very long

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