The Basics

Basics Class Necessity 

In the Basics class we will cover three distinct sections that will help you on your way to assertiveness and confidence.


Do you ever feel like you don’t know what is going on around you?  Do you feel thatdefensesomeone may be watching you? Do you get a funny uncomfortable feeling inside at times? If you answered yes to any of these or all of these, your personal awareness needs to be improved.  Being aware of what is going on around you will help you in a very big way. It will help make you less of a target for violence and manipulation.  This is huge in self-defense because we won’t have to use verbal or physical skills if we are not picked as a target.

That funny feeling, that you sometimes get before something bad or uncomfortable happens is our body’s natural alert system trying to warn us about something.  Everyone has it. Some have learned to suppress it through social conditioning, while others have learned to listen to it. Listening to this feeling is also huge in self-defense, because it is an early warning sign that something is going to happen or is happening, and we need to get out now or put ourselves in a better position for defense.  

Communication – Verbal and Nonverbal

Leaning how to defend ourselves with communication skills is next in the sequence ofss-655828-kickingWoman-e1417559961581 the class.  Why non-verbal?  Because if we appear and act strong on the outside, through the way we walk, look and interact, then we won’t be picked as a target for bulling, violence or other bad things.  This is called being assertive, as opposed to passive or aggressive.  Passive behavior tends to draw in bad behavior like a magnet, as does aggressive behavior.  Aggressive behavior will tend to get the “I am better than you and going to prove it” attitude as well.  In nature, predators look for the weak and easy targets.  Passive looks weak and easy.  Nature also tends to challenge and prove themselves to aggressive behavior- the so-called “top dog syndrome”.  This is why assertive is best, it is neutral.  Assertive individuals are usually well-liked by most people, including passive and aggressive people.  Passive individuals attract aggressive people and aggressive people will repel passive, assertive and also aggressive individuals.  Our goal is to show you how to be assertive and help gain the confidence to maintain assertiveness throughout your life.

 The Physical skills.

ss-655828-kickingWoman-e1417559961581We teach only those skills that are highly effective, easily learned (or already known) and have a high percentage of success in physical encounters. The targets for these strikes are ones that are easily hit and extremely effective at immobilizing and stopping the threat.  Sometimes we have to fight, and if we fight we need to win. This is not sports or movies- this is real, What we teach really works and works well.  We teach these skills in such a way that you will have high retention and be highly effective under real life situations.  Some individuals have related to us that years after taking the class the skills were there when they needed them, both verbal and physical.