Most of the Things that will kill you before your time, CAN BE PREVENTED or ELiMINATED

Most don’t realize that prevention in all things is essential.  That means living a mindful and prepared life.  At some point in our lives we all get concerned about dying or getting killed by disease, bad guys, car accidents etc, but the good news is most of those things can be prevented.

First of all, what is mindful prepared living.  You might have a different definition than I do, but i define it as living a healthy active lifestyle that takes care of the present and the future and learns from the past.  This covers all areas, temporal, spiritual, physical and mental.  That being said, there are many effective ways to live that life style.  My way may not work for you, but all should have one thing in common, rely on yourself not others for your safety in those areas and you will be awesome.  That means you earn your own money, can protect yourself on all levels, have a wonderful spiritual practice, and have means of mentally taking care of yourself.  Along with all these you need a strong social connection to people, spouses, friends, adult children etc.

Most diseases that will kill you can be prevented.  Obesity and lifestyle has huge effects on what can kill you and how long you live.  What you eat, what you do for work etc can influence these things also.  Many cancers are environmental, which means you get them from an influence other than genetics.  So as far as health goes, what should you do to prevent or fix problems.

  • One,   Eat real food, stay away from sugar, processed foods, etc.  Keep you macro nutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates) in the area they should be for your activity level.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, I mean lots of them,  and good quality meats (if you like meat).
  • Two,  Drink lots of water, no soda ever or very very little, even alcohol, coffee, black tea should be limited to small amounts.   Instead of coffee and black tea drink herbal teas, Green Tea, Matcha tea, etc. Even fruit juices can be bad, so be careful there.  Remember that fruit juices may have added sugar, and even if they don’t the natural sugar content may be too high due to the concentration of lots of fruits into 8 ozs.
  • Three, Exercise.  To make this really work, it involves about 60min a day at least 5 days a week.  That should include Weightlifting or resistant, cardio and stretching.  You will also need to have a lifestyle shift to be active most of the time.  i.e at your job, at home and on the weekends.  Just move your bodies, get out and walk, explore, get up and move at work at least every hour.

These 3 items above when done in a life changing way will help you prevent, and even fix some of the things that can kill you in relation to your physical health.  They will also help with mental health.  Exercise and diet has been shown to increase the feeling of well being.

Genetic issues can also be lessoned when one does these three things above, you may not be able to avoid genetically passed diseases but, by eating healthy, exercises and doing the right things, you may be able to overcome them, maybe prevent them and even have a high quality of life with them.  This is not always the case, but it is worth the risk, you can’t go wrong with a healthy life style.

Car accidents, accidents in general can be prevented.  Yes, i know that you can’t control other peoples actions but based on 25 years of health and safety experience there are very few accidents that can not be prevented.  Driving for instance in a safe alert way can help you avoid other peoples bad actions.  In your home, work etc, look for things that could cause problems then fix them so they won’t cause issues.  For instance, extension cords should never be used long term, many of them don’t have the capability of handling large amounts of energy flow, instead use the outlets in your wall, or a breaker extension unit.  These units have a built in surge protector and will prevent fires and issues.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a “in thing” to do in todays world.  But many are missing a couple of key areas in a complete healthy lifestyle that adds power, and confidence beyond anything else.  What is this magic bullet you ask?  Self Defense.  When a person is capable of defending themselves on all areas, nonverbal, verbal and physical in all common threat scenarios, they become extremely assertive and confident and this power extends to all parts of their lives.

I have seen this in many, many people in my 35 plus years of martial arts.  In fact self defense and martial arts training exceeds all other activities, achievements and pursuits in developing an overall life confidence and assertive living.

So why doesn’t everyone do it then?  I don’t have that answer.  Maybe it’s the stigma of what they will learn is not needed. THAT IS SO FALSE.  Or, they are scared that the instructor is a ugly mean drill sergeant type that they won’t enjoy.  (I am not like that, but there are some people who are).  Or they get complacent, have preconceive ideas that are false.  There are many issues, but they are all Not True in our case.

Self defense training is so essential that I can not even explain all the reasons why you should do it.  We all know we need to eat better, exercise be engaged socially.  Now we just need to understand that learning how to protect ones self is also just as important.