Ground Survival: Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

How to Survive on the Ground

There are a lot of myths about being on the ground in fight or a self-defense situation. I think that maybe why most people find the thought of defending themselves on the ground to be very scary. A.C.T will give you tools, the realistic practice, and the confidence so that if needed, you can defend yourself on the ground and win.

Myth 1: Most fights go to the ground.

There are many so-called experts in fighting that say that most fights go to the ground. This is a myth. It is very hard to take someone to the ground who doesn’t want to be there, even if the attacker knows what they are doing is a difficult thing to accomplish.
Self Defense
Self Defense

Myth 2: You actually want to fight on the ground

Fighting on the ground willingly is a very bad thing to do. In the real world, the ground is covered with concrete, asphalt, rocks, sticks and various other items that make it very difficult and painful to move and work while on your back. The other thing to consider in a real-world scenario is the possibility of multiple attackers. The attack may not start out with multiples but could easily escalate to many attackers. If you fight on the ground, you limit your ability to defend yourself against more than one person at a time. You limit your ability to escape and run away, and you can also get injured more easily because of the lack of mobility.

So, we don’t want to end up on the ground, but things happen. You may be attacked while lying down, say in your bed, in the park, on the beach. Or you may fall down or be taken down (very hard to do). That is why we teach ground survival. Our goal is to put you in a better position to hit vital spots and get up as quickly as possible. This is not an MMA or Brazilian jujitsu class – this is the real world and the self-defense skills we teach really work and have worked for ordinary people.

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