Traditional Weapons Instruction

The Katana And The Bo (Staff), Weapons Training At Total Ryu

We include the Bo, Stick, and Katana.

Traditional weapons instruction is included in every martial arts program at Total Ryu.  Whether it is Karate or Jujitsu we include the Bo, Stick, Katana and other traditional weapons instruction.

Bo Or The Staff

Bo or the staff  is a very traditional weapon.  The Total Ryu system for the bo includes several kata or forms, strikes, disarms and takedowns.  This is a very fun weapon to learn.  The student will increase their body awareness and coordination when learning the bo.

The Sticks

The sticks are a favorite of our students here at Total Ryu.  We teach one and two stick use and defense.  The instruction is very rhythmic in nature and a students eye to hand coordination will increase drastically when learning this weapon system.  We teach a variety of striking patterns and defensive tactics that are useful in todays world.  The expandable baton can be a direct correlation to traditional stick work.    

The Katana or Japanese Sword

The Katana or Japanese Sword.  This is the symbol of the samurai’s skill and status.  The kenjitsu (use of the sword in combat) and iajitsu (drawing or deploying stategies of the sword) systems are both taught at Total Ryu.   We use a boken or wooden sword for instruction until the student is skilled enough to practice with a real blade.   Blocking, striking, movement, drawing and sheathing are just some of the techniques that are taught.  The student will also learn combat principles, empty hand against sword defense and much more. 

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