Our kids martial arts program

at Total Ryu goes way beyond kick and punch to training the character, the body, and the mind.  Our youth program is also self-defense based.  Students will learn self-restraint, self-defense, anti-bullying skills and increase in confidence, character, physical strength, coordination, athleticism, and agility.

Our Fun and Exciting Hour Long youth martial arts classes include the following:  

  • Opening group activity that teaches coordination and athletic ability
  • Traditional weapons training
  • Martial arts and self-defense skill drills and general warmup activities
  • Fun martial arts skill-building drills
  • Mat chats on safety, character development, health and nutrition and self worth.
  • Practical learning section for jujitsu, karate, and self-defense
  • Ending group game

Come in and Try a Free Class,

no strings attached.  

This is a great way to see if our programs are a good fit for your child, you and your family. 

Simply fill out the requested information and you will be directed to a online scheduler.  Pick your desired day and time and you are all set.  

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  • Upfront honest pricing.
  • No pricing gimmicks that draw you in for a trial membership.  Then you get surprised by a massive increase in fees.
  • No initiation fees.
  • Classes are one day per week, for one hour.
  • Multiple age classes.  Your 5-year-old and your 10-year-old can come to the same class.  That means only one trip per week.  We break the class up into appropriate age groups with a low instructor to student ratio.
  • No large testing fees.  When a child advances we only charge $10 for the belt and certificate.
  • No hidden fees are required for advancement and testing.
  • No extra required gear to buy.


Fun classes that have drills, games, and activities that teach martial arts, self-defense, coordination, athleticism, safety, and life skills. 

Total Ryu Youth Martial Arts, Ages 5 to12

Building Great Children

The Total Ryu Martial Arts method is one that is rare and very effective. In our youth martial arts program the students learn the basics of karate and jujitsu.  These are usually taught in a self-defense application and in disguised repetition.  Our youth martial arts curriculum consists of basic traditional jujitsu techniques, youth appropriate self-defense applications, and basic karate striking, blocking and movement.

The Focus for Youth Martial Arts Training

Balance, coordination, confidence and agility are just a few of the benefits of Total Ryu Traditional Martial Arts for ages 5 to 12. All of these, plus self-discipline, self-esteem, and of course self-defense are central in our training method.  Asymmetrical learning is a fundamental aspect in martial arts, and helps develop the brain in a way that is very difficult to do with other popular physical activities and sports. This method of learning helps improve coordination, agility, timing, and balance. Other common benefits to training in traditional martial arts are: an increase in physical strength, physical fitness, self-mastery, and teamwork.

This Age Group is Fun

They love life and learning and want to have fun.  Total Ryu Youth Martial Arts Program teaches the student martial arts techniques that combine traditional jujitsu and karate while having fun.

Youth martial arts that contain karate and jujitsu is a fantastic method of fitness and one that cannot be matched by any other fitness or traditional sporting routine. When you add in the fact that it is functional fitness and the aspect of self- defense, you get the best and most effective health and fitness routine around.