How To Not Raise A Quitter


Attached below is a great article about children and quitting.  In my experience many times the child doesn’t want to quit the activity, the activity […]

How To Not Raise A Quitter2017-03-16T19:45:45+00:00

Stress Relief and Martial Arts


As I have said many times, Martial Arts Training may be the best and most perfect form of exercise out there.  On the physical side […]

Stress Relief and Martial Arts2015-08-10T17:44:52+00:00

Mushin or “NO MIND”


“Mushin” meaning No Mind 

No, this doesn’t mean absent-mindedness or imply some airhead joke.  This is a state of being that one can achieve with enough […]

Mushin or “NO MIND”2014-10-04T16:10:05+00:00
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