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What Motivates Kids? I may have the answer.. Martial Arts

Mr. Silva does a great job explaining what I have been saying for years.  Martial Arts Training and more specifically karate and jujitsu at Total Ryu Martial arts motivates kids to become more physically active, goal oriented, greatful and learn valuable life skills.  Martial Arts not only has this...


Jiujitsu, jujitsu the likes the differences and more

Jiu jitsu and Jujitsu, the likes the differences and More. This subject comes up often when I get questions about Total Ryu and it’s classes.  I wanted to clear the air, so to speak and let the readers know the differences and the similarities between Jiu jitsu and Jujitsu. First a couple of caveats...


Martial Arts training or Sports?

While some kids are perfect for traditional team sports like soccer and baseball, others are not well suited or do not like the atmosphere that team sports presents.  Let’s look at some aspects of team sports that isn’t all that appealing or not good at all.   Comparison to others on the team or oth...