Traditional weapons training is essential to progression in martial arts.  Just as Jiujitsu and Karate are important to understanding bunkai, weapons play an equaltwo swords role in a true martial artist’s study.  Martial arts in the traditional sense were more about weapons than they were about empty hand.  In many systems the weapons were taught first and the empty hand second. The great systems understood that both methods of instruction are of equal value.

The weapons that are taught in Total Ryu are the Bow staff, sai, katana, tonfa and knife.  We also encourage the martial artist to pursue and understand modern personal weapons systems such as the handgun, shotgun, rifle, expandable baton, knife etc.

Studying, learning and being able to use and apply the weapons mentioned above both modern and traditional is simple:  “Peace is not the absence of conflict but the mastery of it,” by Eric Beck.  When we as individuals are capable of defending ourselves in all levels of conflict we find peace.