Attached below is a great article about children and quitting.  In my experience many times the child doesn’t want to quit the activity, the activity is just getting in the way of what they are doing at the moment.  What I mean by this is the child may have other ideas about what they want to do next or be doing something else when it’s time to leave for the activity.  It is important to look for these clues when a child wants to quit.  Below are some other items to look for when assessing whether or not to quit an activity or not.

  • Is the child happy when at the activity?  Are they engage, having fun and happy during their participation?

    Self Esteem and Martial Arts go hand in hand

    Self Esteem and Martial Arts go hand in hand

  • Is the child happy when the activity is over? Are they taking about the fun they had, the things they did?
  • Does the child talk to their friends or others about the activity?

If the above questions are all positive answers then there is really no reason to have the child stop the activity.

Children are pretty intuitive when it comes to their caregivers disposition.  What I mean here is if the person driving them to the activity is not happy about the schedule, the trip or the activity, eventually the child will pick up on this and not want to cause any more issues.

Prepare the child in a positive manner for the activity.  

Be happy and excited about the activity.  Let them know what is going to happen when they get there especially if its a new or newer experience.  Ask questions and be interested in what they did and what they learned.

We see literally hundreds of kids each week and the above items we listed is what we have learned over the 30 plus years we have been involved in teaching kids.  The article that I mentioned also has some great points and I hope you have gotten some good information today.

How to not raise a Quitter