September 2017

5 Body Language Tricks to Show You’re a Hard Target, this is self defense at the basic level

Fantastic advice here.  I especially like how he describes the stride as a initial target weakness.  I see this all the time with people especially women and teenage girls who are not very confident.  They want to shrink into oblivion, so to speak, and their stride is apparent as [...]

August 2017

Bully-Proof Your Child with These 3 Skills

Bullying is a trigger phrase for many parents and kids these days.  Now while I agree that bullying should never happen, it does and it always will.  Why because of parents or the lack of parenting.  This article gives some good advice but the best advice is found at [...]

20 Diversion Tactics That the Bad Guys Use to Silence You

Yeh this is a long article, but well worth the read.  There is tons, I mean tons of great stuff to help you understand how Narcisists, phycopaths and sociopaths misdirect and confuse you so you don’t catch on to their game.  Besides the realy bad things that this will [...]

Staying Safe in an Unstable and Unfamiliar Environment is Self Defense

Fantastic advice is given in this short article.  These are basic things that most people don’t use or either think is important.  They are very simple to instil into our awareness skills and preparedness skills. Staying safe in an unstable and unfamiliar enviroment By David Simpson Link to original article   Total Ryu Self [...]

July 2017

How to Identify Nonverbal Indicators of Violence

  Another good article on body language clues for violence.  He brings up a couple of other items that are not in the other articles, such as hands on head, removal of clothing and lowered stance.  I can not stress this enough that we need to be aware of these [...]

June 2017

Self Defense Begins with Awareness

This is a fantastic article on awareness.  Those of you who have taken my classes know that I preach awareness before physical skills as every good instructor should.  Awareness is the key to preventing so many bad things from happening.  The article is written by the “Well Armed Woman” [...]

May 2017

5 Body Language Signs to pay attention too. It might save your life.

This is a pretty good article.  As I have said before Body Language is the key to truly understanding anyones real or true intent.  There are plenty of resources out there to help us learn how to better understand this lost language.  The author of this article takes liberty [...]

April 2017

What to do if YOU’RE Being Stalked

I think this happens more than we would like to admit.  Sometimes it resolves itself, but sometimes it doesn’t and it escalates, just like what happened in Boise as referenced in the article.  Some takeaways from this is the following:  Know your laws in your state and city about restraining [...]