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August 2017

A Martial Artist’s List for Improving Your Kid’s Grades

School is getting started for many of our kids in next couple of weeks.  The following is some items written by Greg Silva a martial artist himself and a life coach.  He put together a list of key points that most successful martial arts do and related it to [...]

October 2016

How would you handle it, you bump into some one and now they want to fight

[vc_wtr_youtube url=”CxWu9OqfnjE” resolution=”medium” align=”center” rel=”0″] How would you handle it? We have all done it, accidentally bumped into someone.  However, what if they didn’t like that and wouldn’t back down or away.  Yes this does happen, maybe not that often but I have seen it happen many times before.  The person [...]

September 2016