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How would you handle it?

We have all done it, accidentally bumped into someone.  However, what if they didn’t like that and wouldn’t back down or away.  Yes this does happen, maybe not that often but I have seen it happen many times before.  The person that gets bumped into takes that as an insult and wants to make an example of the person who did it.


So what’s the best approach.  In the video you see Andy get immediately into what we call the standing guard, hands in front, arms extended with the palms facing the person.  This is saying stay back or back away without even using words and will usually work.  He also creates distance and tries to keep that distance.


Deescalate if you can.  Apologize after all you didn’t mean to do it and you don’t want to hurt any one so do your best to apologize and deescalate.


Next is something that we didn’t demonstrate in the video.  Using a load, drawn out voice, yell leave now or back away and repeat just those words.  This gives the more stronger verbal and non verbal body language presence.  The person saying these things to the aggressive guy needs to also have a strong facial expression, strong body presence all while using the strong voice.


Well he doesn’t back down, now what?  Run away if you can, get away.  Fighting is not the answer unless you are forced to in order to protect yourself or your loved ones.  So if you can, leave do so.


If you can’t leave you need to strike hard, fast and in away to cause pain that will help you leave and get away.  Primary striking points are the eyes and the groin.  There are many, many more striking points but for simplistic purposes these are the easiest to hit and will cause the pain and unresponsiveness we desire.


To wrap things up, pay attention, don’t be rude, be nice until it’s time not to be nice.  If you can deescalate by apologizing, do so, also run away or just walk away without engaging.  Fight if you have to and but fight to win, strike first, strike hard and use the eyes and groin as your targets.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]