Stress Relief and Martial Arts

It is common knowledge that exercise helps reduce stress in adults.  There are many studies confirming this practice and many adults, adult-clasesmyself included, exercise for stress relief along with health and well being.  So it goes to say that if exercise reduces stress then why not martial arts practice.  Martial Arts is a physical activity and is very powerful at stress relief.

Relieving stress from the day

Total Ryu martial arts can help with this.  Whether you take jujitsu or karate, the physical activity helps you get rid of your stress.  The physical activity is functional and teaches you self defense and combative skills.  It is extremely fulfilling to see the techniques work and performing the throws or striking skills at full speed and full power is very therapeutic.

Relieving stress from lack of confidence

We can help with this also.  When an individual learns how to defend themselves their confidence grows.  The better they get the more confident they become.  In many students confidence is increased the very first class they come to.  Learning Total Ryu Martial Arts will increase your confidence and practicing martial arts will relieve your stress.

Stress Relief for Children

Karate Classes

In todays world children are stress out more than they ever used to be.  Some turn to sports for help, but sports can make a child’s stress much worse because of the pressure to win and perform.  Total Ryu Martial Arts is a fun environment where the kids advance at their own pace.  If practicing and learning martial arts helps us as adults it can help children also.  Martial Arts practice and participation is the best physical activity that a child can be involved in, especially Total Ryu Martial Arts.  We teach in a relaxed, fun and exciting environment for kids and adults alike.

Take it from me and all of my students, participating in martial arts training at Total Ryu will help you, your kids and your family relieve the stresses of life and daily living.