In light of recent events and in today’s very uncertain world I feel strongly that I need to reiterate that YOU ARE YOUR OWN ss-655828-kickingWomanPROTECTOR.  That job cannot be delegated or pushed off to anyone else.  We can not allow anyone to take away our ability to defend and protect ourselves and our children using any means necessary at any place necessary.  I understand that there are political opinions here but it all boils down to the fact that if you don’t protect yourselves there is no law or police officer or government agency that will be able to protect you at the exact time you need it.   They are usually minutes away when seconds count.  Also, the bad guys don’t care about laws otherwise they would not be bad guys.  That sentence or statement is the key point and needs to be said again and again.  You can’t make laws that keep bad people from doing bad things.  The laws are only there to punish those people after the act is committed. When those laws are implemented it takes away good peoples rights and privileges.  Essentially good people are punished for something someone else has done.

Now, all that being said, it is your responsibility to learn how to defend yourself and your family using any means necessary.  At Total Ryu, we teach you how to do exactly that with our ACT self-defense classes and our weekly martial arts classes, you will learn how to “Be Your Own Protector”.  This is a huge responsibility that we all have and we are here to help you.  ACT Classes are scheduled a few times a year and we do many, many private group classes.  Our martial arts classes are held weekly and the first class is always free.  I should also mention that the weekly martial arts classes use ACT training principles and methods to help the student achieve high proficiency and capability.

Contact us today and let’s get you the training you need to “Be Your Own Protector”

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