We should all be on some sort of path of continuous improvement.  Why?  Because as the old saying goes, if your not growing your dying.  There is a fundamental law of nature, not unlike the laws of physics.  The law states that you can never stay the same,  you are either moving forward or your moving back.

We need to look for growth and improvement opportunities in the following areas:

  1. Nutritional health.  Many will say that this is part of physical health, and it truly is, but I separate it because of its value to our overall well being.  A well balanced diet that meets the need of macro and micro nutrients is so essential to our well being that everything else depends on it.  Our physical, mental, spiritual and social health are all tied to how we eat.  Our energy level, our appearance, our alertness, our ability to function on all levels starts with our diet.
  2. HealthyheartPhysical Health.  We should be on an exercise program of some sort that will increase physical strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.  When we are improving in these areas we will have less risk of chronic diseases and health issues that plague so many people in our society today.
  3. Educational Mental Health.  Children and young adults are essential forced to improve in this area because of school and educational pursuits.  When graduation happens usually the learning and improvement stops to a certain degree.  We may improve and learn in our chosen field but we neglect other areas of mental health and learning.
  4. Emotional Mental Health.  Feeling good about our selves and being able to function emotionally in a healthy way is often so overlooked.  The value of understanding our selves in an emotional way is very important to our overall well being.  We all need help with this area in order to overcome issues that are medical in nature, or brought on by other life factors.
  5. Spiritual Health.  In my experience those who deny a spiritual aspect to themselves usually are not very happy and well adjusted people.  Getting in touch and in tune with this side of our human is very important.  It helps us achieve peace, happiness and encourages us to give service to others.  Sometimes the best way to overcome issues with yourself esteem or even other problems is to serve others.

These 5 areas above, I believe are the key areas to our overall health and well being.  If we look close or maybe even not so close there is always room for improvement in all areas, because nobody is perfect.