Wouldn’t it be great to have a super power that told you what people where thinking or going to do before they did it?  I think that would be awesome but you want to know a little secret, we have something like that as humans or I should say as an animal.

Body language is the basic communication system for most animals including humans.  As humans we have the unique ability to not only communicate with our bodies and our voices but to be able to understand both.  Because we are supposedly evolved we tend to stop looking at body language and only listen to voices.  This programing takes place from a very early stage in life and is a very bad thing to have happen.  The good news is it is easily overcome.

Our brains our reading body language and interpreting it for us regardless of whether we are listening or not.  So all we have to do is learn a few things, listen to our intuition and pay attention to our feelings and we can learn how to read the signals.


Pay attention to where someone is looking, the eyebrows, and the muscles under and on the outside of the eyes.  Depending on someones
mood the things listed above will change to make a glare, a eye smile, a thinking brow, an Unknownangry eye look etc.  When someone is lying or thinking or truthful all have different signals as to what the eyes are doing.  There are some fantastic books on this subject alone.  But some of it is instinctual to understand if you trust yourself.

Mouth and cheeks

Smiles go beyond the lips to the cheeks and the eyes.  Someone who is truly smiling smiles with their whole face, mouth, cheeks, eyes, brows and forehead.  How the mouth appears, open, shut etc and what the lips are doing will imageshelp complete the picture.  Bitting the lips, licking the lips all show different signs.  There is so many of them I can’t list them here.


This is huge because it completes the picture.  How the arms are presented, where the feet are and what the shoulders are doing.  A shy person will, most of the time, have their shoulders pulled forward and be slouched a little while looking down.  Some one who is trying to establish authority or has authority will stand firm with hands on their hips.  A closUnknown-2ed off person may fold their arms.  But in order to get the complete picture of what the posture is telling you, you will need to check out the eyes and mouth.
Listen to you feelings and your intuition, most of the time they will not lead you astray. If you want to know more about this subject there are great books on understanding body language.  Give me a call I will recommend some to you.