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October 2017

Sexual Assault Statistics in Canada

Canada is suppose to be a safe place, right?  Well this proves that no one is ammune from sexual assault.  If it is like this in Canada, imagine what it is like here in Colorado and on Campus.  We are worse than these statistics by far.  Remember that ACT [...]

February 2017

The Body Language of Deceit

A fantastic snipit of how to understadn basic aspects of body language and the bad guy.  I have used some of these things in my life and even some of them everyday.  Good stuff. The Body Language of Deceit Posted on December 31, 2013 by Greg Ellifritz in Articles http://www.activeresponsetraining.net/the-body-language-of-deceit Self Defense and [...]

July 2016

How to Prevent Sexual Assault

The things you really need to know about sexual assault don’t include fighting, eye strikes, groin strikes. Most of what you need to know is all about awareness and common sense.  This situation is horrific when you think about it, can you imagine having to live through it and survive [...]

April 2015

What is Real Self Defense Training

When you mention self defense class to the average person the picture that is conjured up in their heads is intimidating.  The picture usually has a drill sergeant MMA looking fighter yelling commands and teaching techniques that kill or maim right away, pretty scaring stuff isn’t it?   I [...]