When you mention self defense class to the average person the picture that is conjured up in their heads is intimidating.  The picture usually has a drill sergeant MMA looking fighter yelling commands and teaching techniques that kill or maim right away, pretty scaring stuff isn’t it?   I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to take a class like that especially if I had never done anything like that before.  That picture, as scary and outlandish as it seems is the norm for self defense training, not only is it the norm it happens even in our area.  Self defense is a very scary subject, because you have to swallow your misconceptions and realize that you are vulnerable.  This is very hard for people to do, most know that they need to have training, but because of the misconceptions, and their picture of what the training looks like they never sign up for a class.

ACT  Self Defense Training at Total Ryu Martial Arts is much different, not only are we not the drill sergeant MMA looking people, but we teach what self defense really is.  We teach simple effective techniques that most everyone can do.  We also emphasize that physical skills is only 1/3 of true self defense training.  And the key to our teaching is practicing all the techniques under adrenal stress.  This is huge because when you need self defense skills, you won’t be in a calm state of mind and body.

We do all this and more in a fun, caring, learning environment that really teaches you how to defend yourself on all levels, from verbal, to physical, from nonverbal to awareness.