3 Awesome Reasons for YOUR Child to Take Karate or Jujitsu Classes from

Total Ryu Martial Arts


In a world where video games, cartoons, TV and Movies are the primary form of entertainment, how in the world is a child ever Smiley stretch
going to get fit and be active in a positive manner.  There are sports but sports are one dimensional, all focused on winning and one specific type of physical movement.  Not all kids will make the teams and the older the kids get the less teams there are for them to play on.  Winning isn’t everything and it is defiantly not the only thing.  That leaves very few options left beside turning off the electronics and kicking the kids outside to play.  While I agree with outside play there is another option, Martial Arts.  You know karate, jujitsu, those things.

What are some of the benefits of martial arts training for your kids?

1.)  Confidence.  When a child achieves and learns something that is as fun as karate or jujitsu, they increase in confidence. It is a natural reaction.  At Total Ryu this is apparent from the first class.  Children who struggle with self esteem and confidence will increase in confidence over time as they continue to participate in classes and training.  The longer they participate the more likely they are to become leaders in their age group at school and elsewhere in their lives.

2.)  Physical Activity.  I like to call Karate and Jujitsu functional fitness, sure you can run around a field chasing a ball, but how cool is it to learn how to defend yourself.  In class they are active for an hour, doing karate, jujitsu, traditional weapons etc.  Students also stretch and do physical exercises such as push ups and sit-ups. They play games and perform drills that are designed to help with karate and jujitsu advancement.  You won’t get this kind of physical activity anywhere else.  Not only is it functional but it is or can be a life long endeavor.  Think about giving your child the gift of life long health, fitness and self defense.  Truly one of the best gifts that you can give to them.

3.)  Agility.  Karate and Jujitsu teach coordination on a level that can not be duplicated in any other type of activity or sport.  Hand to eye, asymmetrical learning, right and left side techniques and balance are taught and reenforced in every class.  Body awareness, proprioception are also learned in a powerful way.  Just by virtue of this type of learning in martial arts the child’s progress in school and life in general will be enhanced.