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Some people say you don’t have to obey the rules.  Well, “have to” is a relative term.  There should be a better word than Have.  I believe that we should obey the rules.  I also believe that as adults we set the example for kids, especially our children.  Parents who respect the rules will more than likely have kids who respect the rules.  What are the rules, you ask?  That is a broad subject. For this discussion, I am referring to: crosswalks, speed limits, school rules, safety rules, house rules, public laws, etc.  These rules are in place for a reason.  Some seemingly stupid rules are also in place for a reason, and we should obey them until we can get them changed if they need to be.

Rules in self-defense are pretty simple when you think about it.  Just don’t do things that are stupid or careless.  Some of the rules listed below come from police officers experiences, what they have observed and seen happen.  I think you will agree when you think about them.

1.)  Do not run after dark by yourself.

2.)  Do not use ear buds when running or walking.  If you must use ear buds, you need to be able to hear everything that is going on around you (so that means do not use ear buds).

3.)  Do not go out to bars by yourself.

4.)  Do not wear high heels at night to parties etc. when you are by yourself.  If you have to walk a long way or run away from danger, high heels could make this difficult.

5.)  Do not accept drinks from strangers, unless you see the bartender pour it themselves.

6.)  Learn how to defend yourself on all levels, verbally and physically.

7.)  Learn how to read body language and know how to respond (not react) appropriately.

8.)  Always know where the exits are and be close to them.

9.)  If you have a handgun, learn how to use it, draw it, and fire it under adrenal stress (we can help with this).

10.)  Do not engage idiots in any shape or form.

11.)  Always be polite and courteous until it is time to not be.  The time to not be courteous is when you have to fight physically or verbally to defend self or others.

12.)  Learn how to use a knife.

Some of these you may not agree with and that is okay.  But, you have to remember the Cardinal Rule of self-defense, “When seconds count, help is only minutes away.”   You are your first line of defense.

Charles Orchard

ACT Self Defense

Total Ryu Martial Arts Inc