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November 2017

What Martial Arts or Karate Training does for Student

What Martial Arts or Karate Training does for the Student. Total Ryu Martial Arts Matt Chat Wow where to start with this one.  The benefits of martial arts or karate are huge from health to confidence and of course self defense.  Let’s start with what we, my self and my wife, have [...]

July 2017

Cliques In School are Tough on Kids

School, Peer Pressure and Cliques How parents can help As kids navigate friendships and cliques, there’s plenty parents can do to offer support. If your child seems upset, or suddenly spends time alone when usually very social, ask about it. Here are some tips: Talk about your own experiences. Share your own experiences of [...]

March 2017

Instilling Perseverance in Children

In todays world this is extremely lacking, perseverance is becoming a lost trait.  I firmly believe that martial arts training will help curtail this epidemic but there are other ways to instill this very Total Ryu Martial Arts Matt Chats important trait in our children.   Being an example is one [...]

February 2015

3 Awesome Reasons for Your Child to Take Karate or Jujitsu Classes From Total Ryu

3 Awesome Reasons for YOUR Child to Take Karate or Jujitsu Classes from Total Ryu Martial Arts   In a world where video games, cartoons, TV and Movies are the primary form of entertainment, how in the world is a child ever going to get fit and be active in a [...]