It’s Summer Time, well sorta.  Well close enough anyway, the kids are getting out of school, the weather is changing and soon we will all be in summer mode. summer safety Summer time brings time at the park, the pool and fun places where kids want to go.  What I want you as parents to be aware of is the bad guys are also at those places looking for easy targets.  Do not relax your awareness or what your teaching your kids about “Strange Behavior”.  Talk to your kids, even the older ones about the behaviors, the statements, the questions that should raise their warning flags.  Believe it or not the old phrases that sound so cliche are very often used or attempted so unfortunately we still need to talk about them.  Also talk to your kids about who to go to for help, remember that the best choice is a mother with a child, next is a women who looks like a grandmother, the next best is a women in general.  The older kids need to be especially educated because they are more likely to be away from you as parents and by them selfs in these fun places.  Make these types conversations a priority well before the outings take place.  Take a little time and talk about these things, if your children are students of ours at Total Ryu, then they will have heard them from us, but they need to here it from you.  If you do these things your kids will be well educated and better capable of handling the situations if they come up.

We all want summer time to be fun and enjoyable and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be.   Go and have fun but always remember that safety in all things should be a priority.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.