A review of the alert levels.  Those who have taken the ACT Basics class will remember them.  They are white, yellow, orange and red.  Let’s review them and while we do, give yourself a self check about how your awareness is doing while out and about.

White Alert.  This is your awareness level if you are in a safe place, such as your house with the doors locked etc.  There is nothing making you uncomfortable.  However, you need to still be aware of things around you.  Because things can change very quickly.

Yellow Alert.  You are now in a normal level of awareness.  Noticing what is around you.  You have your senses collecting information and being aware of what they are telling you about your surroundings, and the people around you.  At this level you are not feeling threatened or uncomfortable.

Orange Alert.  You are uncomfortable, your senses are telling you there is something not correct.  You may have an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach or Redalertchest.  Someone is being irritating to you in a not so good way.  At this point you need to be very aware of your surroundings and the people around you.  It is also best to change your position, or move to a safer place.  The rule is get rid of whomever is causing the feeling, or move yourself until it goes away. 

Red Alert.  You are feeling that you will be hurt or injured in some way by the threat.  You are also very scared at this point and your defenses are up.  You need to eliminate the threat or change your position till it goes away.  At this alert or awareness level you may have to fight physically and you should be very assertive/aggressive in your non verbal communication. 

So there you have it, how are you doing?  Have you had an orange alert lately, how did you handle it?  Did you have a Red alert recently?  How did you handle it? 

Please contact me with any question you may have. 

Stay Safe.