Parents are constantly thinking about their child’s safety – especially when school starts. As a parent, you have to trust the schools, the teachers, the bus drivers and all the other individuals that care for and teach your children.  I understand because I am a parent also.  This can be difficult to deal with, especially since the teachers and others may have different ideals, philosophies and methods than you do.  However, when it comes to our children’s safety most adults and parents feel the same way we at Total Ryu do.  We all do not want to see a child hurt, taken or abused in any way.

In the attached article from the “National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,” a startling fact was revealed:  32% of attempted abductions take place when the child is going to or coming from school.  That is huge.  The reason is obvious – this is the time that the child is without an adult or some sort of group protection.

I would encourage you to read the article and also click through to the other reference links below.  These links will give you tools to teach your children more about safety and how to recognize and avoid the bad guys’ tricks.

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