Parenting is the best job in the world, but it is also the hardest job in the world and the toughest part may very well be discipline.karate1-150x1501  Every child is different and every child responds differently to different types of discipline.  Some children you can talk to, others need time outs, and still others may need privileges taken away.  What ever you style of parenting and discipline I think you will agree that making sure you are consistent and progressive in discipline is essential.  What I mean by progressive is this, as the child gets older the type of discipline may be the same but the consequences may need to fit the age of the child.  Or maybe you have to change the discipline to meet the age of the child.

My wife and I have raised 3 children to adulthood and have two still at home.  We both have also been involved with children of all ages since we were essentially children ourselves.  We come from large families and were tasked with babysitting or helping when we were young.  I started watching my nephews and nieces at age 11, and babysat for neighbors and family during my teenage years. brother-yelling-at-sister Jill’s experience was essentially the same.  However all of this experience didn’t prepare us for parenthood and the full time responsibility of parenting and discipline.   What I have learned from all this experience, and I am still not an expert, is this one very important tactic, initiate discipline when the child starts to be mobile.  Start with boundaries such as what the child can or cannot touch, where they can or cannot go, things like that.  Then be consistent and progressive and continue to discipline until they leave the house.  Good, proper discipline in the early years of development combined with consistent, continued, progressive discipline will save you a lot of trouble when hormones start to hit and the teenage rebellion enters your life.

Even after they leave your house you still need rules for adult children in relation to how they interact with you, existing children, the house etc.  So start early, and keep at it.  One more thing, all children need discipline.  Jill and I have been acquainted with thousands of children over the years, and yes there are many children that don’t have any discipline in their lives.  However, they crave it and need it.  The ones with discipline that is done correctly are the happiest, most productive and highest achieving.

The attached article gives some great advice on discipline.  I would encourage to read it and see if what they say fits into your parenting style.