This can be tricky, every child is different in how they react to different situations and life it’s self.  Like the author I was self-motivated but that motivation was powered by other things deep within that I won’t get into.  The point behind this article and my reason’s for posting is even self-motivated children need support from their parents and this article will give you as parents some ideas to help you out.   Martial Arts and especially Total Ryu Martial Arts teaches our students how to be self motivated.  The goals are there, the path is created all a student has to do it work for it.  What I have noticed in all my years as a martial arts instructor is children who achieve a high level such as a black belt become motivated and goal oriented adults.  They also end up with some fantastic character traits such as perseverance, dedication and hard work.  As always if you have any questions please let us know. 

10 Ways to Motivate Your Child
By: Scott Turansky

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As a child, I was self-motivated. I did my homework on my own. I did the things I needed to do without being reminded. I set goals for myself and achieved them. Maybe this was due to the fact that my parents were mostly uninvolved.

Some kids are self-motivated. And other kids are less motivated and need a little push here or a lot of prodding there. If you’re wondering how to motivate your child, you might automatically think of rewarding your child for every step he takes in the right direction, and applying negative consequences for steps he takes in the wrong direction. In reality, the best approach is to go easy on the rewards and punishments and cultivate his internal motivation—help him to tune into the feelings of accomplishment and the pride he feels for a job well done.

To find out what motivates your child, take a look at these 10 ways to up the motivation:

1. Set Goals.

Have them set goals. Make a list of short-term goals and one of the long-term goals. Make sure the goals are reachable but require effort to obtain. And be sure you’re helping your children choose the right goals.

2. Make a Plan.

In order to reach goals, you need a plan. Help your children create a strategy for reaching their goals. Make a step-by-step plan to reach them. This printable goals chart for kids will help you get started.

3. Celebrate Accomplishments.

When your child accomplishes their goals, let them know that you are proud of them.  Celebrate these things together. Reward your child for their hard work with our Reward Jar Coupons. But as we mentioned earlier, a sense of accomplishment is the best reward.

4. Make Things Competitive.

Encourage healthy competition. Cheer on your child to beat another runner in a race or to take home the trophy from the spelling bee. Make competition about positivity and strength in regards to your child and never about negativity and weakness towards the competitor. Does your child shy away from competition?

5. Encourage Them.

Let your child know that you believe in them. {Tweet This} Tell them how great they are going to do. Dismiss any self-doubt or fears they may have. Look over these 38 things accepting moms say and use them with your children.

6. Take Interest.

Learn about your child’s interests. Talk to your child about them and listen. It will show your children that you care and that they are free to talk to you about their interests.

7. Discover Passion.

Encourage your children to discover what they are passionate about. It may take a few tries along the way. Support them on their journey towards passion and urge them to keep going until they find out what it is.

8. Remain Positive.

Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook for your children. If they see fear or doubt in your eyes, then they will likely lose self-confidence. Having a positive approach will lighten their entire outlook to a situation.

9. Peer Pressure.

Occasionally, a little peer pressure is not a bad thing. It can push your kids to do better in school or in a sport because they want to keep up with their friends. However, watch for when the stress of peer pressure starts to become too much. best nail dipping powder brands

10. Excite Them.

Excite your children about their goals and ambitions. Show that you are excited for them, too. The positive energy and adrenaline will push them to continue their hard work and be happy with their efforts.


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