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  Someone asks you for money you say no and they get aggressive and throw a punch or worse.  This has happened to me, while the guy didn’t throw a punch he acted like he wanted too.

What is the best posture and things you can do to prevent the situation from escalating or getting physical?

  • Always have your hands in front of you and at least at shoulder height.
  • Try to keep your distance.
  • Be ready to react to defend yourself.

While Andy did a great job, maybe he should have had his hands in a stronger position like the picture.Standing guard

Also he should have been stronger in the voice and told him to go away or leave right away.

Some questions for you.

  1. Could you tell that the punch was going to be thrown?
  2. Could you have hit the person with a strong palm heel or punch before you got hit?
  3. Was the leg sweep that Andy did the best option?

In this scenario we wanted to show how fast things can escalate and that sometimes you might need to block a strike and do something in order to get to a safe place.  Andy was between 2 cars with a steep hill behind him.  The only way out was the way he came in.  His response was great, block then sweep, but what you didn’t see is that there could have been a great knee to the groin before the sweep.

At Total Ryu we teach the proper response in all areas of conflict.  We want to be nice and respectful until it’s time to not be nice, then we need to win and win fast.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]