Are you really ready for a violent personal attack?  Most of us have no idea what true violence is. If we ever have the misfortune of having it directed towards us or our loved ones, do we know how to handle it and survive?

Let me first say that violence is unpredictable and extremely forceful.  The bad guy will have no regard for your safety or survival.  When we keep these things in mind we can prepare ourselves.  However, you need to be prepared to meet violence with violence and I mean extreme violence.  You will need to have no regard for their safety, health and even their survival if you want to come out of the situation alive and in tact.

In the video there were several things that went wrong before the fight.  We do not know why the guy stopped or what transpired before hand.  Here is what we do know, once the confrontation  started it wasn’t going to be a fair fight.  It went from one on one to two on one in a hurry.  Nobodies strikes where very effective, they were all flailing, and it wasn’t going well for anyone until one of the guys from the group got a lucky shot.  Then they proceeded to kick the guy on the ground in the head multiple times.  This is all pretty bad and hard to watch, but we can learn from it in the following ways:

1.  You can see that they had no regard for safety and health in this situation.  While this is more tame than some encounters, it is still pretty serious.

2.  If any of the guys here had used good sound targeting and power techniques the fight would have been over way sooner than it was.

3.  Eye shots, neck shots, groin shots should have been used.  When the guy hit the ground he should have went for the knees and the groin.  He also should have gotten up as fast as possible.  This isn’t all that easy, but you can do it.  Now you can see why you don’t want to be on the ground.  In two against one somebodies getting kicked in the head and it will always be the guy on the ground.

So what can you do to prepare for this type of encounter?  You might say not to get in one is the best defense and that is so very true.  However, what if all the verbal and non verbal and avoidance doesn’t work, then what?  You need to train, you need to learn to hit hard, what targets to hit, how to throw, how not to be thrown and above all how to win.  When people tell me they don’t need to learn how to defend themselves I get a little sick in my stomach, because it can and does happen to people like you and me.  While there are things we can do to prevent and avoid, it can still happen and we need to be ready.

Call and ask me how to help you get ready.  I am always training and trying to improve and learn more.  It doesn’t mean I am paranoid, just responsible and realistic.