March 2019

What is Real Jiu Jitsu, It is not what you think?

What is Real Jiu Jitsu? Is it Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, sambo, submission wrestling or something entirely different?  I think the answer to this question may surprise you?  Why?  Because most consider real jiu jitsu to be Brazilian jiu jitsu?  It is not that at all.  I am not trying to [...]

September 2018

Jiu jitsu, Jujitsu, Judo and Total Ryu

Total Ryu Martial arts, Fort Collin CO What is the difference between what you teach and jiujitsu?  That is a question I have been asked regularly for the past ten years or so.  At least since the popularity of MMA and the perceived dominance of Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioners in that [...]

October 2014

Mushin or “NO MIND”

“Mushin” meaning No Mind  No, this doesn’t mean absent-mindedness or imply some airhead joke.  This is a state of being that one can achieve with enough practice.  This state is found in many people when they drive a car and even in accomplished musicians when the play with ease and [...]

Total Ryu Martial Arts and Bushido

Total Ryu Martial Arts and Bushido My experience in martial arts has included two fantastic systems of knowledge, and close to 30 years of study.  I have seen the very best of individuals and character and also the very worst of individuals and their character (or lack thereof).  The best [...]

August 2014

Jujitsu and Karate in the Total Ryu System

Why is jujitsu and specifically what we teach so effective?  This isn’t a real short answer so please be patient.  I will do my best to answer it with a little history of the Total Ryu System and it’s predecessors, our philosophy and our teaching method. As many of you [...]