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February 2017

October 2016

Martial Arts in Fort Collins, What does a Martial Artist look Like?

https://www.ftcollinsmartialarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/What-Does-a-Martial-Artsist-Look-Like.mp4 What does a real martial artist look like?  Do they look like the shaved head guys that look like they live in a gym?  Do they look like the supper athletic skinny, muscular girls?  Do that have to have tattoos?  If you check out Total Ryu Martial Arts you [...]

November 2015

Martial Arts training or Sports?

While some kids are perfect for traditional team sports like soccer and baseball, others are not well suited or do not like the atmosphere that team sports presents.  Let’s look at some aspects of team sports that isn’t all that appealing or not good at all.   Comparison to others [...]