Life integration is the ultimate goal of any fitness program.  It is no different with Total Success Self Defense Fitness Class we teach at Total Ryu.  This class not only h dog-walker2.jpgas fitness as a life integration, but diet, active life style and developing a self defense mind set.

If your end goal is just weight loss you are much more likely to gain back the lost weight, and more than likely gain even more than you lost.  This is because once you hit the goal weight, you may go back to the life style that helped you gain the weight in the first place.  So how do you not do this?  You need to change your mindset, change your end goal, change your habits.   The ultimate end goal is lifestyle change.  That means different eating habits, more activity, regular consistent exercise and realizing that if you don’t do those things, you will end up right back where you were before or worse.

My challenge for who ever is reading this is to change their mindset and move toward a complete lifestyle change.  This includes, eating habits, food we eat, how we sleep, how active we are, regular exercise and exercise intensity.  It doesn’t have to be an overnight change but change needs to happen.