Self Defense Life Sat Situational Awareness Training Workshop

Life SAT (Situational Awareness Training)

The Parents Gift


TBD based on Current events


9:00 am to 4:00 pm, with an hour break for lunch, 6 full hours of valuable awareness and self-defense training


1420 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, Total Ryu Martial Arts Dojo


$250 for the first person, sign up with a friend or parent and get $50 off

Self Defense
Self Defense

SAT Example

Sue meets Bob in class, and they talk about how time-consuming the homework is, the class and life in general. Bob starts to ask some personal questions. Sue is getting really uncomfortable and excuses herself politely and leaves to go home. When Sue arrives at home, Bob is waiting there for her smiling and asks how she is doing and if he can help her with her homework. What does Sue do NOW? Could this situation have been prevented? Who does she call for help? Does she need to call for help? Is this a bad situation? Or is a great thing that someone is interested in her and wants to help? This is an all too common situation that can turn out very badly if not handled correctly. There are many different variations to this scenario, one is you meet in a store or a bar, or a restaurant and Bob ends up following Susie out to her car, or suddenly shows up at the car.

Total RYU Life SAT Workshop

The Total Ryu Martial Arts LIFE SAT (Situational Awareness Training) Workshop teaches how to spot, prevent and avoid common uncomfortable and maybe even potentially dangerous situations The training goes beyond common classes of the day with engaging drill and activities that teach and emphasize the following:

Who Should Take This Workshop

For Parents

As parents, you want your child to be safe. You have taught them all you know about how to live in the real world. Now you can’t be with them, and you need to know that they can handle themselves in life and extreme situations. Give the gift of Life SAT. In fact take the class with them so you can witness for yourselves that “They will be okay,” not only okay but GREAT.

For Students

Your parents are worried about you. They want you to be safe and trust you to make the right decisions. But they wonder if they have taught you everything, and still second guess themselves. Give your parents the gift of Peace of Mind. Sign up for the Life SAT workshop. Even better have them take it with you, so they can witness first hand how powerful you are, that you can take care of yourself, that you are an empowered person who can handle what life throws at you.
Self Defense

Who Is This For?

Who Should Take this Workshop?

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