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We Are Now Accepting Private Training Students As Of May 5, 2020

Private Martial Arts Training

Your Customized Journey Awaits

Do you have a busy schedule?

Do you want to have control over what and when you learn and train?

Then Private Training in Total Ryu Martial Arts is the answer.

We will meet together before we start and discuss your unique situation, that will include your schedule, concerns, wants and create together a martial arts training plan designed just for you.  Not only can we customize your martial arts journey, but we can also help with your physical and nutritional health.  These are just some of the added benefits that are included when Total Ryu takes on a private training student.

Private Training
Private Training

Customized martial arts training plan, can include and or all of the following:

Other private training benefits can also include the following:

Why Do You Want To Take Private Martial Arts Training

It is Designed Just for you

Remember, I mentioned that you and I would design this program just for you, so it is tailored for you, your lifestyle, your needs, and your martial arts wants. You are more than likely used to having what you want in life. You might even customize other things in your life, such as your cars, your house, and your investment accounts. Why not customize and take control of your martial arts journey?

Private training students advance faster than regular class students. They get the one on one instruction with me, which will lead to a better understanding of the techniques, the whys and the hows of martial arts.

Private training students can come to all regular group classes if they desire, at no additional cost.

Private training students cover more in one hour than two weeks of regular group classes.

Private training students tend to be some of the best martial artists and most capable personal defenders that I have ever taught. Why? Because of all the things mentioned previously. The commitment, time, and money that is involved leads to more dedication and a deeper understanding of the art.

What Is Your First Step On Your Customized Martial Arts Journey?

Call me at (970) 481-8641, and we can set up a time to discuss your desires, wants, schedule, and pricing of the program. Once those items are determined, a training schedule is calendared and we start. It is that easy. Personal attention and service is the key to private training. One more thing, if you would like, you can schedule a free class with either the Jujitsu or karate or even both. That way, you can make an educated decision about what you would like to learn.

Private Training

Let's Talk And Get A Plan Started

If you have any issues or queries contact us or you can email us.

Adrenal Response

And Martial Arts Skills

Adrenal response helps make that “level of training” much higher than you might expect. In a situation that you would have to use your skills, you would be under what’s called adrenal stress. Most people do not have a clue about how to function under adrenaline. Without training, it is difficult to do. Your body is essentially on drugs when you are under adrenaline. We do drills that put the student under an adrenal response so that they can learn to function in that bizarre physical state. With continued training, the student will become inoculated to certain levels of adrenal stress and be able to operate at a very high level of effort and not be affected by the body’s adrenal response. We do this by doing several different types of drills. Over time and with increased intensity, training, and practice, a student of Total Ryu will be able to function under adrenal stress.


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