As common sense indicates the same benefits that a child get’s from martial arts training an adult will also receive.  To reiterate, these are confidence, physical activity, agility (I will explain more about that for adults below), achievement, cooperation, and self Defense (more about that below).  Martial arts training in either karate or traditional jujitsu at Total Ryu will give you the above listed benefits and those explained in more details below.  The great thing about training with us at Total Ryu Martial Arts is it can be  a life time activity.  Yes it’s true that you do fall allot in Jujitsu, but that helps build bone density which helps prevent bone breaks and other issues later in life.  When the falling becomes to much then karate can be practiced more.  The movement, balance and coordination that is learned from jujitsu is further enhanced and improved upon with karate training.  While neither karate or jujitsu is more effective than the other when done correctly, when used together as Total Ryu teaches, there is not a better more complete fighting system available.

Functional Whole Body Fitness

For Adults this is key.  As we age we stop being active as we were as kids, we don’t play and run around as kids do.  Some of us may909019_l play sports, but they are usually limited to one.  One sport won’t even come close to the functional fitness you receive from karate and jujitsu training.  The flexibility, body conditioning, power, speed, coordination, strength etc is hard to find in sports for children, let alone adults.  We also train in a safe environment.  No one wants to train in a place where they will get hurt, well most people don’t anyway.  So we do our best to make sure you get all the benefits in a safe environment.

Increase Health

Years ago, when life expectancy for most adults was 40 year old in Japan and eastern Aisa, the marital arts practitioners lived to be 80 or 90 years old.  Today we understand the science of why this was the case.  Then they only new that martial arts was the key to health.  The exercise and all the benefits helped the practitioners overcome illness and common health issues of the time.  Today we can have the same benefits from the functional fitness that only karate or jujitsu training can provide.


As adults the agility that we had as a youth diminishes.  Martial arts training, karate and jujitsu, can enhance and improve your agility beyond what it was as a youth.  Eye to hand, feet, asymmetrical movement all these things are standard in martial arts training.


Senior Couple Exercising In ParkThe type of movement in karate and jujitsu increases flexibility, not to mention the stretching that is required to increase range of motion.  From the legs to the hips, from the back to the shoulders and neck you will increase your range of motion and flexibility with martial arts training.