4 Year Old Martial Arts Classes

For preschool and kindergarten age kids
Just $75/mo and a free uniform

We Currently Have Openings In the 4 year old Classes. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call to register for your free class. We look forward to hearing from you.

Children are awesome learners.  They will mimic and try their best to do whatever they are interested in doing.  As parents we see our kids following us around doing what we are doing.  This mimicking behavior is an awesome teaching tool and how I taught my kids at a young age.


All of my kids have a  black belt in Total Ryu Jujitsu.
kids_karate_main_shot_1-e1440282018680My wife and I decided that we would let them start regular classes at age 4.  This worked out great because now that they are adults and older teenagers, they can communicate with confidence and know that they can do what ever they put their minds to.  We know that martial arts training, starting from a very young age and continuing throughout their childhood and teenage years, was extremely beneficial to their overall development.  Not only did they gain confidence and physical ability but they learned how to relate to others, how to teach and how to achieve.  That is so powerful and I think all parents want that for their kids.


Here at Total Ryu we have a martial arts class designed specifically for 4  year olds that is held on Tuesdays for 30min.  We have this class so we can utilize this awesome learning time in a child’s youth.  This fun 30 min class takes techniques from Total Ryu Martial Arts Program to help the student learn and progress in physical and martial arts skills.



The ultimate goal of this 4  year old martial arts class is to get the children ready to move up to the hour long classes.  When the student is 5 years old they will be ready to advance into one of our hour long programs.  They will take with them the rank that they have earned and will be ready to move forward.  In these classes they will continue to develop their skills and advance towards black belt and beyond.


In our 4 year old classes we will teach drills that build coordination, agility, balance, and strength all while learning martial arts and self defense.  We also want to have fun so we have games that help emphasize the skills that we have been working on in class.  The format of this class is similar to the hour long classes, just shorter.  We start with an activity that teaches agility and coordination, then practice stretching, falling and striking.  We will then do self defense throws and end with a movement activity.


As with all of our martial arts classes we want to help our students achieve greatness and confidence in their lives.  With a dedicated 4  year old class we can give these students a head start and hopefully the confidence and character to excel in all they do at a very young age.  This class is specific to preschool and kindergarten age kids.  If you child is 5 years old then we would encourage you to look at our hour long classes.