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The Best Youth Martial Arts Programs in Fort Collins includes both Youth Traditional Jujitsu and Youth Karate.

Athleticism, Health, Confidence, Anti Bully, Self Defense and Lot’s of FUN, are just some of the benefits of the Total Ryu Martial Arts System for Kids Ages 5 to 12.

Prices Start at $105 per month for our hour long classes.  Ask about our family and discounts. Call (970) 481-8641 for Details

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Dear Parent,

Our training at Total Ryu goes way beyond kick and punch to training the character, the body and the mind. Both of our youth programs are also self-defense based. This is true for either traditional jujitsu or traditional karate. Students in both paths will learn self restraint, self defense, anti bullying skills and increase in confidence, physical strength, coordination, athleticism and agility. 


We have what your looking for, we are so sure about it that we are willing to offer you a free class in either the Tiger Martial Arts ages 5 to 8  or Samurai Martial Arts ages 8 to 12 , just to see what  it’s all about. 

My name is Charles Orchard, I have been involved with martial arts since I was 13 years old.  I started because of my brother, not anything bad, actually it was very good.  He would go toTotal Ryu Martial Arts Fort Collins class and I would watch his kids.  When he would come home he would say “Charles, grab me”.  I would do what he said and then end up on the floor, or locked up in some hold or something like that.  After a couple of weeks, I told him I was coming with him and mom can watch the kids.  I wanted to learn, not only was it cool, but it was useful.  Little did a 13 year old boy know what direction his life would take from that decision made some 30 plus years ago.  From teaching in Las Vegas, to being in the leadership of the martial arts organization, martial arts has shaped my life and how interacted with all situations.  Martial arts has given me so much, fitness, knowledge, interpersonal interaction skills, the best friends ever, agility, life fitness and life skills. it’s all about.  Read More about my history here…..


Fast forward many years to Fort Collins.  In 2004 we opened Total Ryu Martial Arts where we could teach real martial arts to all ages in a fun, family friendly environment.  Real martial arts is the key, we do not teach sport or competition style martial arts.  Why?  Because we feel that by doing so we loose what the martial arts was created for, self defense.    

We love teaching our youth martial arts classes.  These are such awesome classes.  Not only because we get to know the kids and their different personalities, but we get to play games and do exciting drills with them.  Their energy and excitement are contagious and we have so much fun in these classes. 

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes.

Our goal and desire with all of the kids classes is to teach character, discipline, fitness and life skills while having fun and learning something useful.  We teach very real martial arts, not sport or competition style.  When you join our family, your child will be treated like our own and we will do our best to teach them the ideals of character, safety and manners, while they are learning the best martial arts around.


EJF_7554_November 28, 2016Having fun while learning a life skill is something that is not very common in today’s world. Total Ryu’s Traditional Martial Arts program is just that – fun and educational. Self-defense, physical fitness, jujitsu, karate and agility are taught in a fun, friendly, engaging environment.  The low student-to-teacher ratio helps with understanding the basic skills and helps progress the understanding of the principles which are presented. The most amazing part about this program is that students feel an almost immediate sense of accomplishment.  Confidence, excitement, and teamwork are abilities that will follow the students in other aspects of life. The nature of traditional martial arts training has mutual cooperation and discipline at it’s core. Students learn to get along with other students because they can’t do the leg sweeps, throws or basic techniques without a partner.


Each class starts with a warm up period that includes running, stretching and fall practice. We teach every student how to fall safely so that they can have more fun while training. Flexibility plays a huge part in having a healthy life through adulthood, which is why we teach this basic principle starting at a very young age. The stretches that we perform in class are very easy for most kids to do. If they keep doing these stretches throughout their life, their overall fitness and health will be enhanced.


The next section of the class is what we like to call Mat Chat. This is where we discuss and emphasize concepts of child safety, anti bullying, self defense, character development, health, diet and manners. We feel that these concepts emphasized on a regular basis will help the overall character development of the student.


EJF_7504_November 28, 2016After the mat-chat,
the next section of class is the practical learning section. This is where the children are split up based on age, size and ability to learn the traditional martial arts techniques that Total Ryu Martial Arts has to offer. These techniques consist of basic leg sweeps, hip throws (traditional jujitsu), strikes, blocks and striking combinations (traditional karate). We teach all of these ideas and principles from self-defense applications. For example, from a punch or a bear hug attack. This way, the child learns self-defense without learning aggressive behavior. We also include fun learning activities that emphasize a traditional jujitsu principles.


Our youth martial arts curriculum consists is a combination of tradition karate and Jujitsu. It contains dozens of different throwing and sweeping techniques along with striking, blocking, movement, falling and, of course, self-defense.  We find that this combination is great for children and gives a holistic approach to their self defense and martial arts skills.   For example Traditional jujitsu teaches advanced athletic, physical and mental ability along with mutual cooperation, asymmetrical learning, teamwork, and character development.  While traditional karate teaches balance, coordination, power, strength teamwork and character.  All of these benefits of Total Ryu kids martial arts classes are taught in a way that can’t be learned in any other traditional sporting activity.

Continued participation in Total Ryu Martial arts classes has been know to create strong, assertive young leaders who not only stand up for themselves but others.  They will also develop a “can do” attitude along with the following….

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