Total Ryu Youth Samurai Martial Arts, Karate and Jujitsu for ages 8 to 12.

Building Great Children

As with all of our youth martial arts programs the curriculum consists of traditional Japanese jujitsu and traditional karate combined in an effective and powerful way.  Kids love it and are excited to learn it.  The jujitsu portion has dozens of leg sweeps, throwing techniques and self-defense applications.  Striking, kicking, blocking, striking combinations and movement make up the karate portion of the curriculum.  Kids in this age group will also be introduced to the 3 levels of learning.  The three levels of learning are slow and stationary practice, moderate resistance and movement, applied active resistance and movement.

The Focus for Samurai Martial Arts

The focus for the Samurai Martial Arts Program, ages 8 to 12 is not only teaching high-quality jujitsu and karate while helping the student increase in confidence, balance, athleticism, agility, and character.  We also desire to help these students understand the basic principles of safety and how to apply them in their lives.  Anti-bullying, good manners, dedication, helping others are also a focus.

This Age Group is Awesome

They learn fast, understand more than you think and have a great time practicing and improving.  The Samurai Martial Arts Program is for ages 8 to 12.  The required techniques are designed just for this age groups capability and understanding.  It consists of striking combinations and movement (traditional Karate) and self-defense escapes and techniques (traditional jujitsu).


  • Upfront honest pricing.
  • No pricing gimmicks that draw you in for a trial membership.  Then you get surprised by a massive increase in fees.
  • No initiation fees.
  • Classes are one day per week, for one hour.
  • Multiple age classes.  Your 5-year-old and your 10-year-old can come to the same class.  That means only one trip per week.  We break the class up into appropriate age groups with a low instructor to student ratio.
  • No large testing fees.  When a child advances we only charge $10 for the belt and certificate.
  • No hidden fees are required for advancement and testing.
  • No extra required gear to buy.


Fun classes that have drills, games, and activities that teach martial arts, self-defense, coordination, athleticism, safety, and life skills. 

Sign Up For A Free Class

Come in and try a class, no strings attached.  This is a great way to experience the classes, get to know the instructors, and find out if this is the right decision for you or your family.

The class format generally has the following included:

  • Opening group activity that teaches coordination and athletic ability
  • Traditional weapons training
  • Martial arts and self defense skill drills and general warmup activities
  • Mat chat, safety and character development
  • Practical learning section for jujitsu, karate and self defense
  • Ending group game