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Fort Collins Martial Arts Training, Combative Jiujitsu and Karate for adults, kids and the entire family.

Meet the owners and their family

total-Ryu-instruction-e1440283846366Charles Orchard has been involved in Fort Collins Martial Arts for over 32 years, with most of those years as an instructor and dojo owner.  His experience is vast and far reaching.  Besides Jiujitsu, he is an expert in traditional Karate, weapons systems and modern combatives.  With continuous study of his own systems combined with research and study of other common styles of martial arts,  his knowledge of martial arts, fighting systems, and training methodologies is unmatched.   Besides his dojo teaching experience, he brings 25 years of risk assessment, health and safety and corporate training experience to the table.  During his early years in his teens and twenties he was a top competitive athlete on the state and inter-mountain regional level.   Because of his athletic career and fitness hobbies he developed a keen understanding of athletic training principles and methodology.  With this huge library of information he is able to serve, teach, guide instruct and train his students to achieve what they thought was impossible.


Jill Orchard, Charles’ better half has almost 25 years in the martial arts with specific training in traditional karate and jujitsu.  She is a very experienced instructor of young children.   Her experience comes from not only her dojo career but from her professional life and church service.   With Jill’s vast amount of experience with young children, there is no one more qualified and capable of teaching this awesome age group.  Jill is a dedicated wife and mother who also loves to help children, women and young girls find their power, and strength.  One of her passions is teaching young girls to be assertive and prepare for the harsh realities of the adult world. 


Charles and Jill are motivated to help improve the life’s of all those come to them, whether it is in the traditional classes or through their self-defense programs.  Empowering individuals to overcome violence and problems in their life’s is truly their passion.


Now that you have read the bio, let me elaborate on my martial arts history some.  I was very fortunate to be able to learn martial arts as a teen in the very early 1980’s.  The system that my brother helped get me involved with was very unique.  Not only did we have traditional karate, not the sport kind, but we also had traditional jiujitsu and traditional weapons systems (kenjitsu, Iajitsu, sai, tonfa, bo etc).  These were all under one roof so to speak.  This is quite unique and very rare.  One of the very interesting things about my training is that we were doing newaza, or ground fighting or brazilian jujitsu before anyone had even heard about it.  This type of fighting was common in competitive judo, but not for self defense.  We had incorporated it as part of our regular training, with the philosophy of you don’t want to fight on the ground but if you should find yourself there, do what is needed and get up. 


Why Karate and Jiujitsu, why not just choose one?


The kata which is the backbone of karate learning is a series of moves that means something, actually each move has many different applications.  These moves in the kata or form have striking or karate applications and they also have jiujitsu or throwing applications.  In fact when you really look close and study the movements you see, joint locks, throws, strikes, kicks, blocks, sweeps, chokes, and so much more including multiple attackers. So just learning how to kick, punch, block (what most people understand as karate) is very elementary.


Karate Instruction at Total Ryu


Karate instruction today is commonly done in a very superficial manner, you learn the basics blocks, punches, strikes and kicks.  Then you learn how to apply them in a sparing environment.  You may learn kata or forms, but you won’t learn what they mean beyond the obvious.  This is not the way it is meant to be taught.  Yes we do all the above, but while we are doing that you are learning what things really mean, and how to apply them in the traditional and very effective way.  We also teach how to understand movement and why you need it.


Jiujitsu instruction at Total Ryu


Jiujitsu or jujitsu is an awesome martial art.  It is so awesome that there are many many copies and modern derivatives of the art.  Jujitsu was the main
Jujitsu-Harai-Goshi-e1440285401466hand to hand system of the Samurai.  Along with other martial systems the samurai used jujitsu to disable armed and unarmed opponents in a very powerful, fast and effective manner.  Total Ryu maintains these systems in it’s traditional jujitsu course.  Along with jujitsu we have the subset martial arts systems of akijitsu, newaza (ground or the popular brazilian jujitsu) and others. The throwing techniques closely resemble Judo.  However, judo is a sport and jujitsu is combat, so there are many different variations that we do at Total Ryu that are not allowed or even thought of in Judo.   


Both Jiujitsu and Karate together, is a partnership that is AWESOME


When you can combine both jiujitsu and karate into one system, it is absolutely amazing what can be done.  The kata come to life with real, effective and powerful applications and techniques.  The multiple attack defense is obvious.  Using motion against one individual to effect another attacker is simple.  I could go on and on. 

At Total Ryu you can learn Karate or Jujitsu or Both, you are not limited with one, till you learn the other.  The choice is yours.