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Not only will you gain confidence, but you improve the following:

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • balance
  • coordination

Yes these are important but let’s face it, most people take martial arts because they want to learn how to defend themselves or just learn something pretty cool.  Total Ryu Martial Arts is a traditional Japanese jujitsu or jiujitsu system.  What does that mean, Read on below to get a more complete answer but what you get from Total Ryu is the following:

  • Throws and sweeps
  • Combative striking
  • Locks and chokes
  • Hold escapes
  • Multiple attacker defense
  • Ground survival and tactics
  • And so much more

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Throw-e1431897488614-300x271Traditional Jiujitsu  for the modern world.

Is it Jiu jitsu, Jujitsu, Jiujitsu, read here on what is what with the different spellings.

I feel that in today’s world with performance and competition based martial arts many systems and practitioners have lost what martial arts truly is.  Martial means war so martial arts were created for combat and extreme personal self defense situations.  They were not created for show or competition.


Don’t get me wrong there are some competition martial arts that are pretty good, but they fall short in many ways of what is real and what is effective.  Rules come into play, in fact the rules that are present in those systems are for the safety of the competitors.  A greek poet way back in 600bc stated the obvious.  “we don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”  If you train with rules of engagement you will fall to that level of training.  My sensei said in regard to rules of competitions “The rules of what not to do are exactly what you should do”.


Performance based martial arts only have a shell of what they appear to have.  Sure they have kata, strikes and things that look good.  However, when you look deeper there isn’t anything there.  It is all for show and judging in competition.


Real Samurai jiujitsu is powerful, effective and destructive.  It was created for combat and was used by the military in feudal japan.  This art is awesome, fun, engaging and addicting.  Jiujitsu means gentle art but don’t let that definition fool you it is not gentle to the attacker or the person that it is used on, in fact it is far from gentle.  In fact jiujitsu is quite brutal.  In fact you might say that the gentle art meaning only applies to the user of the art, because when the techniques are done right it looks effortless.


Because jiujitsu was created for combat, it has many different aspects and covers many different areas of combat.  These include striking, throwing and ground survival.  The modern definition of jujitsu or jiujitsu has been morphed to mean only ground work or fighting on the ground.   When in fact true jiujitsu has ground techniques but it also has

  • Over 50 different Basic Throwing Techniques to include leg sweeps, hip throws, sacrifice throws, takedowns and motion throws
  • Applied Techniques, Throwing, striking etc applied to real world threats, self defense etc
  • Joint locking and throwing techniques
  • Choking Techniques
  • Striking Techniques, including, kicks, elbows, punches
  • Defensive posturing
  • Offensive posturing
  • Ground work or newaza (modern jiujitsu)
  • Multiple Attacker defense
  • Traditional and Modern Weapon’s defense
  • Adrenaline Training


Remember that real jujitsu, jiujitsu, jiu jitsu or traditional jujitsu or samurai jujitsu was made for combat not sport.   As for the spelling and the modern day accepted definition of the spelling and associated arts, refer to the article for clarification.  For now, basically it is just a different spelling and slightly different pronunciation of the same thing.

Lets talk about adrenal response and jiujitsu.  This really helps make that “level of training” much higher than you might expect.  In a situation that you would have to use jujitsu, you would be under what’s called adrenal stress.  Most people do not have a clue how to function under adrenaline.  It is difficult to do without training.  Your body is essentially on drugs when your under adrenaline.  We do drills that put the student under an adrenal response, so that they can learn to function in that very weird physical state.  With continued training the student will become inoculated to certain levels of adrenal stress and be able to function at very high level of effort and not be effected by the bodies adrenal response.  We do this by doing several different types of drills in class.  Over time and with increased intensity, training and advancement in the program this state of highly effective combative proficiency is achieved.


Jiu jitsu classes at Total Ryu start off with a short cardio and active warm up period followed by stretching both active and passive.  We then perform fall practice and move into the practical and applied part of class.  We will usually practice the techniques on 3 levels.

  • Slow and stationary
  • Applied and moderate resistance
  • Applied and active resistance, usually includes an adrenal response (see above)

By practicing this way we are covering all areas of learning and application.  This teaching method will increase technique retention and provide a positive experience to all levels of students.


A student can start at any time.  Remember that everyone has to start somewhere and even the highest and best students were once beginners.  Students at Total Ryu will learn at their own pace and level.



Traditional Jujitsu or jiu jitsu is one of the most effective martial arts practiced today.  It’s effectiveness comes from what it was designed for, combat.  It was used by the samurai as their hand to hand fighting system.  An interesting note is that most of todays military combat systems are based solely or partly on jujitsu or jiujitsu, these include MCMAP, Army Corp, and most Israeli systems.  What sets jujitsu apart from other martial arts systems around is the variety of techniques that is included in the art and what they do to an attacker with relative ease.


Is it Jiu jitsu or Jujitsu,  yes it’s both, jujitsu is the more common spelling in Japan.  Jiu jitsu or jiujitsu is the less common spelling so they are both the same art.   The modern defination of jiujitsu comes from BJJ, whose founders practiced a traditional version of jujitsu which they spelled jiujitsu.  That art then was changed to fit competative advantages that they had or preferred in Judo competitions.


Jiu jitsu is the precursor to Japan’s Judo, a sport version of jiu jitsu, and aikido, an art that uses motion and joint manipulation to control and throw an opponent.  When combat was not a primary concern, practicioners needed a way to test themselves and gradually Judo was born.   Judo focusing on throwing or takedowns and pinning.   The combative aspect and dangerous techniques were not allowed in competition and most techniques that would injure were changed to be less dangerous.  Judo has also changed over the last century to make it more entertaining by adding certain rules etc.  Aikido is also a subset of traditional Jiujitsu.  The schools in a certain region of Japan focus on motion joint locks.  Eventially Aikido was born.  In jiujitsu these techniques are referred to as Aikijitsu.  An other interesting point is that there is jujitsu techniques in karate as the founders of modern karate studied jujitsu as well as karate.


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