Connect With Your Teen Through Martial Arts

Martial Arts Training is a Great Way to Connect with Your Teen

Family martial arts at total ryuAs parents we are often looking for ways to connect with our teens.  We know that this connection is so very important to our relationship.  It can help us communicate with our teens in a very effective way.  Doing things together is one of the best ways to facilitate this connection.  Martial Arts Training with your teenager at Total Ryu Martial Arts is a great way to accomplish this much needed connection that all of us as parents are looking for.

At age 13 your child can take the adult martial arts classes, traditional jujitsu or karate, with you.  How fun is that! This will give you common ground, things to talk about, shared experiences, time together and what may be the best thing of all, learning the very valuable skill of real and effective self defense.  One of the best benefits is seeing your child doing some incredible things, one of which is being able to defend themselves.  That is hugely satisfying as a parent.  Don’t you want that for you child?  Best of all you get to take the journey with them and let them see you as a person learning and doing the same things that they are doing.

Sounds great doesn’t it? It is, take if from me, martial arts classes with my kids was an awesome experience.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Click here for info on the Adult Jujitsu classes and for the Adult Karate Classes.  If you want more info on our adult program click here.

Start today and sign up for one of the adult Free Trail classes we offer, either on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Bring you teen with you, sign up and get $20 family discount and free uniforms.

Adult Karate Free Class

Adult Jujitsu Free Class