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Adult Karate, Ages 12 and up.

$110/mo, free uniform. Family and Student Discounts, Call For Details

Sometimes as adults we look back and wonder, what if? What if I had done this, that, or the other thing? Stop wondering and take Total Ryu’s Adult Karate. Adult Karate at Total Ryu is not only a life sport that has many benefits to its practitioners. Not only do you learn karate, self defense and martial arts but you will also gain flexibility, balance, agility, physical and mental strength, and problem solving skills.

The health and wellness benefits have been known to karate enthusiasts for ages. Back in the 1700s, most of the population lived to be about 40 years old included the wealthy and royalty. However, practitioners, masters and teachers of karate lived to be 90 or 100 years old. It was also thought of as a cure for most physical ailments including asthma, and allergies.

When you start your path with Total Ryu Adult Karate, you will learn terms like:

• What the Rule of Eight means
• What a kata is, and why they are so important
• How to learn practical information from the kata
• How to use traditional karate in a modern world for defense
• You will also gain or improve your health in a way that is fun and useful

The complete kata system has over 40 kata. The path to first black belt in Total Ryu karate has 14 kata and many different basics such as strikes, blocks, etc. Bunkai, or applications, for each kata will need to be learned as well. These include not only striking, but throwing, locking, and movement techniques. Self-defense and hold escapes are also a large part of the study of Total Ryu Adult Karate. Karate is not only a physical training method but is also very effective at mental training. Adults of all ages can benefit from Total Ryu Karate while enjoying the aspects of the physical and mental training.

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