4 key principles of Self Control:


  1. Our mind and what we let in it:

We need to control what we let into our mind and what we think about.  If we are thinking about negative or sad things we will more than likely act negative or sad.  Conversely if we think about happy things then we will be happy and positive.  Some key things that help us get better at controlling our thoughts:

  • Like who we are.
  • Replace bad thoughts with happy positive thoughts.
  • Don’t dwell on negativity.

2.  Our body and what we let in it:

Eating and drinking healthy items helps our bodies become healthy and resistant to  sickness.  Activity and exercise are also ways to helping our bodies be the best that they can be.  When we areUnknown-1 healthy, we think more clearly and have a more positive outlook on a day to day basis. Having a healthy diet combined with exercise and putting good quality thoughts and ideas into our minds helps us to be better and a happier person.

3. Controlling our emotions:

Getting angry, frustrated or sad can ruin our day and cause issues when communicating and working with others.  There are situations that you are aware of that will put you in a bad mood, and cause you to get angry, frustrated or upset. The best thing is to avoid these types of situations if you can.  Controlling your thoughts is another key; always remember to replace bad thoughts with happy, positive thoughts as quickly as possible. Maybe changing what we say or how we respond to certain situations may also help us control our emotions.  Sometimes no matter what we do we will have those negative emotions and that is okay. It is not okay when you loose control of your actions because of those emotions and hurt or cause problems for others.

4. Controlling our words and actions:

We are most likely used to reacting a certain way to specific situations.  These may include fighting, yelling or stewing over something someone said for days or weeks.  We may want to take a step back and re-evaluate when something is challenging or we are not successful right away.

Some key thingsimages to help us respond more correctly are:

  • Breathing:  When we get upset or stressed we don’t breath correctly. This causes us not to think clearly.  So take a deep breath, take another one if needed, then think before you speak.  Also don’t react, but respond.
  • Commitment:  It may be hard when the situation comes up, but stick to it and do what you have committed to do. Take it one step at a time and break big tasks into smaller ones that you can
  • Communication:  Express our feelings about the situation in a useful, non judgmental way. Talk about it, work it out and move on. Always be calm and patient and let the other person speak as well.
  • It takes time:  It will take time to master it but it will be worth it when we do. As long as your moving forward you will get better and better at controlling your words and actions.

There you have it, 4 key basic points to help us gain more self control.  If we practice these principles we will improve our outlook, our mood, our attitude, our health and our overall happiness, and in the end it will help us to be better people.